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Due to the needs of company development,We invite the talented people who engaged in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical apparatus and instruments industry to join us,.The company will provide preferential treatment, good development platform and the promotion space, follow the "people-oriented" talent concept, developed a series of definite staff incentive system. The excellent talents will also be given?an option bonus.

We will provide:

1、Working Time:from Monday to Friday(9:00-17:00)

2、Salary treatment:A competitive compensation and welfare system in the industry, with year-end bonus and holiday benefits, pay five social insurance and one housing fund

3、Daily allowance: catering subsidy, communication subsidy, transportation subsidy, housing subsidy (temporary transition accommodation)

4、Promotion space: perfect promotion mechanism to provide you with greater development space and growth

5、Physical examination: regular staff for physical examination

6、Carry out various trainings regularly,such as post development planning, communication skills, professional skills training, training in branch company, etc We are looking forward to more knowledgeable people to join us, and our company will create a stage for employees to improve their skills, enhance their learning opportunities and talents.

Contact us:

Tel: 025-52631600

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Office Place:2/f-no.5 Innovation center complex building-qiande road-jiangning district-Nanjing -Jiangsu province-CHINA.

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